The port city once had a thriving Jewish population but over the years traces of the Jewish community disappeared from Karachi. One of the only things remaining is a burial site.

The Mewashah Graveyard has a dedicated section housing a large number of Jewish graves but due to poor maintenance, these graves are decaying and disappearing. The site is also known as the Bani Israel Graveyard with many graves inscribed with Hebrew calligraphy.

Cemetery workers claim that they have been taking care of the site for the past 200 years and have spent years ensuring that the graves remain intact. A large number of the graves date back to 18th and 19th centuries. The last burial took place in this graveyard as recently as in the 1980s.

Many of the graves are works of art - they boast marble carvings and elaborate structures. Some are even enclosed in marble tombs.

Also buried in this graveyard are Solomon David and his wife Sheola Bai. They established the first and last place of worship for Jews in the city - the Shalom Synagogue. David was an employee of the Karachi municipality who died in 1902. A year later his wife passed away and both graves are enclosed in a tomb.

The graveyard is located on a vast expanse of land where there is still space for more graves. The current number of graves is in the hundreds.

The area remains a hideout of gangsters and of drug dealers. The caretakers do not allow unknown persons to enter the graveyard and also stop people from taking pictures, due to which most people do not bother to even glance in.

Pic credits: Rahima Sohail
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