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Music for horror flicks.

After you've wiped all the makeup off your zombie actor friends, it's time for the real scarey part -- picking out music for your horror flick. Music to Video has assembled a mix that will send shivers down your spine, make all the ghouls dance, and get grandma to climb out of her grave, just to tell you to turn down the volume.

Non comercial use only. The Artist must be honored.

Mix Tracks

Lee Rosevere Moonlight and RosesMusic for Vampires Halloween
Waiters, the 13 O' Clock in the MorningCalling All Fiends Soundtrack, Goth
Kevin MacLeod Ghost DanceClassical Sampler Classical
Weirdomusic Drip drip dripWater, Wind and Sails Electronic, Audio Collage, Experimental
Vitus Von Degen The Firenze IncidentVia Dante Alighieri Soundtrack, Ambient Electronic, Ambient
Kreng MaiaPleiades EP Electronic, Jazz: Out
Black Math Suck CityPhantom Power Pop, Rock, Electronic, Experimental Pop, New Wave, Goth
Dylan Palme The Crazies Are Out TonightZombies Ate My Neighbors Electronic
Possimiste Poppy
Z'EV Seventh MovementSymphony #2: Elementalities Avant-Garde, Experimental
Volcano the Bear Russian MilkClassic Erasmus Fusion Avant-Garde, Folk, Experimental, Improv
Prolepse De D a GFalésia Industrial, Ambient
Silver Process Awaken From A NightmareDementia (aka Daughter Of Horror) Avant-Garde, Soundtrack, Experimental
Daniela Tocan6 mons ago
hehehe i think i did push you today to place today in front of me 🙏💋💅👍 at the leaderboard.
Daniela Tocan6 mons ago
Understanding my method? Pictures are often just a placeholder. The info i put in description. And what is not there everyone can ask. The hilti killer is a fun horror picture i did use in my preview teaser for madness video. Obviosly i come from dracula country but such content scare me.
松江浪涛6 mons ago
Daniela Tocan6 mons ago
on request in the comments i make a zip file with the photo that you can use it for free in own content.
Daniela Tocan6 mons ago
@松江浪涛 in the description of the madness videos is a link to get free horror music for own production
松江浪涛6 mons ago