Built in 1207, the castle was home to the O'Dowd chieftains of the barony of Tireragh (West Sligo), having been originally built for Oliver McDonnell who came to the area to marry an O'Dowd widow.

Although much of the original structure has been lost over time, the main body of the castle remains. Situated adjacent to Easkey pier, the 63 feet high castle is a dominant landmark and the highest part is known as the 'Sailor's Bed'.  


The pier in Easkey was built in 1884. It was originally planned to be built in Finod where boats anchored to export potatoes from the area. Many farmers at that time had to bring cartloads by horse to Sligo for export, a distance of about 30 miles. The building of a pier in Finod was seen as a great advantage to the people. However some influences, political or otherwise changed the location of the pier to Easkey. Very little use was ever made of the pier in Easkey for fishing boats or the transportation of goods from the area due to its rocky shores and rough seas. Fishing from Easkey pier and sea coast is very popular - the main catches from here include pollock, coalfish, mackerel, wrasse, dogfish and congor-eel. The best fishing methods are spinning and baitfish; the best fishing months are July, August and September. No licence is required to fish from the pier.
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