"E24: Nga Kakano o Huapai
Nga Kakano o Huapai translated means “The Seeds of Huapai”. A group of Year 5-8 students from Huapai District School created their own interpretation of what the quote means to them. Located in nor-west Auckland, Huapai is historically known for its plentiful orchards and vineyards.CHAR(10)E27: He Ruru Āniwaniwa – Little Rainbow Owl
He Ruru Āniwaniwa is a collaboration of Year 5 students inspired by the Haier Big Hoot purpose who wanted to create a design that made people smile. The design is based on a rainbow, red for love, orange for joy, yellow for caring, green for healing, blue for hope, indigo for peace and violet for courage. The designs show all the people that gather to help a child, and the traditional patterns and stars symbolise the value of perseverance.CHAR(10)E32: Te Ruru o Uenuku
Te Ruru o Uenuku is inspired by student’s exploration in colour theory. It is designed through discovering how to mix secondary colours using the primary colours cyan, yellow and magenta. Exploration of complimentary and analogous colour palettes created its unique look.CHAR(10)E38: Kaitiaki Ruru
Kaitiaki Ruru is a watchful guardian who wears a cloak of protection and care. It represents a link between ourselves and the environment we live in. The well-being, and that of the community, is reflected in the environment and vice versa. A group of six students worked closely on the owlet supported with ideas and input from Northcross students.CHAR(10)E08: Flora
Flora’ sprang straight from the beautiful murals that were created for Sunnynook Primary School by Hayley King a.k.a. Flox. The flora and fauna in the background of the school’s ‘house’ bird panels has been the inspiration for our ‘Little Hoot Owlet’.CHAR(10)E51: Sunny
The schools ‘Sunny the Owl’ sleeps at night like the rest of us otherwise he misses out spending time with us at school. During the day, he is an active learner! He is a quiet, thoughtful bird who likes to spend his time listening to children learning. Sunny understands that the more you know, the more you grow. That is why he is SO big and bright!CHAR(10)E55: He Taonga Nui
The Intermediate children of Wainui School created this owlet to represent the unique environment surrounding their school. It was inspired by “Kaitiakitanga” and reusing things that may have otherwise been thrown away. It represents what they consider is a “gem” of a School and environment that they are the Kaitiaki of. It acknowledges the past by paying tribute to the founding families of the community, while looking ahead to the future.CHAR(10)E56: Wairau Intermediate’s Wonderful Little Hoot
Wairau Schools owlet was inspired by the school name Wairau and the Maori meaning, which is many waters. Students were encouraged to incorporate the school logo and colours into their design. Many great entries were received, and a combination of two designs from students Princess Peregrino and Dahamsha Panamulla were used."
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