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"E14: West Wise – Hauauru Wananga
The amalgamation of designs by some Year 7 & 8 artists proudly represents many of the thirty plus cultures that are part of the schools North West Auckland community. Colwill School’s mascot, the pukeko Manaaki, makes an appearance to show that Colwill kids are, like pukeko and owls, curious, caring, kind and careful.CHAR(10)E25: Kauri
Kauri’ was inspired by the gorgeous surroundings at Kaurilands Primary. Kauri trees grace the school grounds and children spend much of their time playing under their majestic branches. The school are part of a community who are lucky to be surrounded by natural beauty.CHAR(10)E28: Enchanted Forest
The whole school had the opportunity to be part of the design process by entering a competition. The Laingholm lunchtime Art Club took the role of choosing parts from the designs submitted to be replicated onto the owlet. A painting team was chosen to bring the collaborative ‘Enchanted Forest’ design to life. The design was inspired by Zentangle Art and Adult Colouring Books.CHAR(10)E61: Athena’s Owl
Athena was the ancient goddess of wisdom and war for Athens, Greece. Her constant companion was an owl who was also known for her wisdom. With the guidance of the owl, Athena made gifts to the people of Athens, bringing them food, shelter and currency to the present day. Athena is a shining example of using wisdom and intelligence to solve problems peacefully and without violence.CHAR(10)E57: Blossom
Woodlands Park school was inspired by the Picasso quote – ‘Every child is an artist,’ so EVERY child in the school helped to decorate the owlet by designing a flower. The school decided to use flowers to make the art accessible to all students and to reflect that they are an enviro-school – ‘we care deeply about nature and the environment.’ He was named by a year one student following a school wide vote."

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