"E12: We all had a hand in this
School: Central Auckland Specialist School
Location: Mt Roskill Library
The design was inspired by New Zealand’s Ruru (morepork), which helped form the colours of the eyes, feathers and feet. Students took an active role in the design by tracing their hands and painting them to create the feathers. The finished owlet truly represents the many talents of the students at Central Auckland Specialist School.
E21: Hay Ruru
School: Hay Park School
Location: Mt Roskill Library
Students and staff came together to create an owlet design that represented all the students. Hay Ruru is made up of a range of different designs that represent the cultures within Hay Park School. Each student created a feather design to represent their own identity and painted a section of the owlet as a chance to come together as a school.
E34: Hillsborough Harry
School: Monte Cecilia Catholic School
Location: Mt Roskill Library
Hillsborough Harry’s design is been inspired by the environment directly connected to Monte Cecilia’s school, which is connected by community – physically and emotionally. What is seen, heard and felt in this space and the way the school has a collective responsibility to be part of a happy, healthy and safe community.
E54: Owl_tearoa
School: Waikowhai Primary School
Location: Mt Roskill Library
Twenty-six Year 5/6 students submitted ideas towards the design for this Little Hoot owlet. Overwhelmingly the students wanted to use the meanings behind the school name in the design; creating a mascot for the school and acknowledging its place in the environment and Auckland. They were also interested in having different cultural elements represented to acknowledge the multicultural makeup of the school."
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