"E07: We Give a Hoot!
School: Beach Haven Primary School
Location: Birkenhead Library
The pupils of Beach Haven Primary School are always looking at things they can do to make a difference environmentally – they care and give a Hoot! The schools 38 cultures are represented on their owlet, and the Korowai pulls all of the different ethnicities together. The pupils and families are very proud to say that they live in Beach Haven.
E09: The Beauty of Birkenhead
School: Birkenhead Primary School
Location: Birkenhead Library
A true collaborative piece, the owlet showcases one of the favourite features in Birkenhead: Le Roys Bush with its many shades of green, layers of leaves and a calm that washes over you as a result. Highlighting the features of the owlet are various Pacific Island and Maori designs to reflect the school’s multicultural society."
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