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"E06: Bavvy
School: Baverstock Oaks School
Location: Botany Library
Bavvy has been inspired by the twentieth anniversary of Harry Potter. The students love the mischievous and creative native of JK Rowling’s series and also love how the owl symbolises wisdom. Baverstock Oaks School hope that every child who enters their new Information Centre – which is where their owlet will love – finds the tools to leave just a little bit wiser.
E31: Hooty Ngahere
School: Mellons Bay School
Location: Botany Library
This year Mellons Bay School is celebrating the school’s 90th Jubilee, and as a wise old owl once said “In a world where you can be anything, just be yourself”.
E33: Kaitiaki
School: Misson Heights Junior College
Location: Botany Library
Kaitiaki represents the diversity of cultures of the school and has been designed and created collaboratively by a group of students.
E41: Little Ruru
School: Owairoa Primary School
Location: Botany Library
Owairoa Primary achieved Green-Gold EnviroSchool status in 2016 and proudly continue their journey participating in the Haier Big Hoot supporting Child Cancer Foundation. Their inspiration comes from the student’s inquiry into New Zealand native birds and the Maori perspective that Ruru were kaitiaki and had power to protect and advise. The design incorporates these values and reflects Owairoa’s love of the environment."

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