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"E01: We know who we are – we know where we come from
Designed by a group of Year 5 and Year 6 students, the designs reflect their cultural diversity. Each student contributed an aspect of their culture, a pattern, a colour or a symbol that has significance for them. The koru feathers on the wings represent the schools bicultural heritage.CHAR(10)E02: Twinkle
A group of year 5 to 6 students who are very interested in art and design became fascinated with the idea of helping to raise awareness of the impact of child cancer by painting their owlet. They could not believe they had this opportunity to use their creativity for such a worthwhile cause and gave up their free time to paint.CHAR(10)E10: The Bay
As part of a Creative Inquiry in Term 3, Year 5/6 students worked on designs for the owlet. A design brief was completed, and an expert came in and discussed the design process. A panel chose four designs and students worked together collaboratively to design the owlet, using parts of each design to create an owlet representing the community.CHAR(10)E37: A Journey Through the Seasons
New Lynn School recently completed a whole school topic about the seasons and weather, and came up with the idea of representing the school’s learning by decorating the owlet based on the seasons."

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