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The Planet
"A world full of dust and stone and an uncertain past. No sign of life but ancient remains of an old civilization​. Maybe the diary entry can give some answers."

Explore LEAVE! Play the 2 player game with your friends. Dive into VR-illustrations and discover the full story. www.hinz-art.com/LEAVE

This is one of three 360 illustrations I did for the game project LEAVE. This Veer.tv version sadly doesn't support all features. Visit www.hinz-art.com/LEAVE/planet for all features like 3D sound and more.
Chris Hinz11 mons ago
@Assket81 Thats cool :) You can find the trailer for the game here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RVEU50Iog4
Assket8111 mons ago
this picture makes me wonder what dose the earth look like 20000 years ago.