Castle in the sky ! What is hidden above us, above the sky !
Here is a journey accross the world and the sky. This work has been made with various real and existing elements.
 - The castle is the Burg Eltz Castle, one of (at least for me) one of the most beautiful one i know. And despite i'm French, i have to say that German knows how to make gorgeous castles...
 - The upper waterfall is also from Germany, the Bergpark. Again, wonderful place !
 - The bridge is in my hometown, Cergy, in France, and is a part of  a 12 places giant sculture made by an artist architect, Dani KARAVAN, a really GREAT man.
 - The "earth" is also in my hometown, a leisure center
 - The waterfall is from Morocco (sorry, dont remember the name)
 - The moving clouds and birds are... well, around the world...
Hope you ll enjoy !