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Chinatown, Batavia, Netherlands Indies: Because they became too strong competitors in business, the Chinese population of Batavia was not allowed to live inside of the city walls by the dutch government in the 17th century. Since then they started to settle outside of the walls. This motive is one of a series of 8 pictures, I paint to illustrate the process of the development of this city district, called "Pintoe Ketjil, Batavia" from 1740 till now.
You are from Jakarta?
Noah_Lee4 mons ago
@Reiner Lesprengerwow, but It is so beautiful. sometime i want to create a photo like this, show people the city, the river, and everything i like.
@Noah_Lee: Many, many hours indeed. It's not only the painting needing time, but also the photograph research. The location and about 90 percent of the houses are shown and placed in their realistic, historical status. My motivation is to show as accurate as possible how this part of the city of Jakarta may have looked like in the 18th century.
Noah_Lee5 mons ago
how long it will take you to make a photo like this? It seems a big work.