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Artist: A'body
Hundreds of people contributed to Oor Ink with the guidance of Kirsty Whitten. In the ink room at West Ward, workers would clean excess ink from the machines with rags and then throw them into the bin, bouncing them off the wall behind and leaving an ink mark as the rag dropped into the bin! At the Dundee Design Festival, young and old were encouraged to get a rag or sponge covered in ink of their choice and create their own ink marks on Oor Wullie!

Aboot Oor Ink

Oor Ink was created by the many hands which visited the first Dundee Design Festival in May 2016. The festival was held in former DC Thomson print works – West Ward, where their famous annuals were printed. Oor Ink reflects the design heritage of the building echoing the ink marks and stains, still visible today, that were made by the very people who brought these characters into the homes of millions.

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