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Årslev Engsø is an artificially landscaped lake in the Aarhus area, located at Brabrand-Årslev in Aarhus municipality. The lake's water surface is approx. 100 ha, and the depth is up to 2 meters. Around the lake there are grass beds that together with the lake give a total area of 210 ha. The authorities expect that the biological development that began with the construction of the lake will eventually translate into the moistest areas and the shallow waters of the cane lakes. Over a number of years, the lake is thus expected to stabilize with a 70 ha open water surface and coniferous forests and meadows of a similar size. The purpose has been to reduce the nutrient load to Brabrand Sø and Aarhus Bay, to add more biodiversity and stability to the area, and to improve the recreational conditions in the area.

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