Get Your Own Virtual Universe
Virtual universe is an online space in VR for established franchises or brands, where they can hold theme events and interactive experiences. Visitors can socialize with other peer users and purchase both virtual and physical products. VeeR's virtual universe allows you to provide a theme park experience without the need to build one, giving you a space with endless possibilities.
Value of Virtual Universe
  • Improve Engagment

    Expand your content/brand's engagement through immersive interaction experience

  • Diversify Revenue Streams

    Introduce additional revenue streams through NFTs, games, paid VR content, etc.

  • Reach New Customers

    Establish a relationship with the younger and more tech savvy generation like Gen Z

Line Friends
VeeR partners up with LINE FRIENDS to bring you the first-ever VR experience of the world of Line Friends. You can celebrate Sally's and Brown's birthdays with them or interact with your favorite Line Friends characters. The experience is around 30 minutes and is set to release, both online and offline, in October 2022.
Established Content
GG Bond Dinosaur Diary VR
VeeR and WinSing Animation created GG Bond Dinosaur Diary VR, which hit 100+ Zero Space VR cinema locations in 30+ cities on May 1st, 2020. Together with the movie GG Bond Dinosaur Diary, both achieved huge success and dominated media headlines during the Chinese Labor Day holiday.
Established Content
Incarnation VR (Tentative)
A collaboration between VeeR, YHKT Entertainment, and Bilibili, INCARNATION VR is based on the widely successful animation series of the same name. It will allow the user to interact with their favorite characters and experience the story in a brand new way. The project is set to release online and offline in 2023.
Established Content
Shanghai Yu Garden
VeeR collaborates with Shanghai Yuyuan Tourist Mart to bring the Chinese traditional holiday, Lantern Festival, into virtual reality, and take you on a trip across four hundred years of history. This project was made especially for the VR cinema located in Yu Garden and was the highlight of the festival celebration.
Tourist Attraction
A Global Leading Sports Brand
VeeR is currently working with a globally well-known sports brand to build its virtual space in VeeR's virtual universe. There will be themed interaction experiences, regular branding events and exciting engagement opportunities for its fans. This space will be available at the end of 2022.
A Renowned Design Convention
VeeR is currently working with an internationally renowned design convention to create its virtual space. It merges the design world with the latest technology, and pushes the boundary between the physical and the virtual world. Designers from around the world will all gather here. The space will be available in late 2022.
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