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Photo byXiaoFeiShe

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One-click upload within the VeeR VR mobile app or in web browser, publish your 360/VR photos to all platforms including mobile, web, HTC Vive, Google Daydream, Gear VR, Steam VR, Windows VR, and more to come.

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Grow your viewership from around the world, connect with and learn from like-minded creators spanning over 200 countries, showcase your projects and creations to existing or potential customers and partners through your VeeR channel.

More advanced features coming soon

We are buliding more advanced features:

  • Interactive hotspot
  • Collections and virtual tours
  • Batch uploads
  • Advanced editing tools

We are constantly listening to our creators for feedback, and we will build a better product to serve the need of our creators.

VeeR is one of the most rapidly improving VR 360 video hosting services I had a pleasure working with. Their engineers and staff were always quick to respond, offering solutions to any problems I might have run into. VeeR is my go-to service whenever I plan to introduce new content to the Chinese audience.
Quba Michalski
Creative Director, QubaVR
The biggest challenge in VR is not just in the making, but above all in the output. How and where can you seamlessly enjoy your VR experience? VeeR has the answer and is shaping up to become the leading platform for all things VR. I feel honored to be part of this movement.
Hugo Keijzer
Film Director
VeeR is the premiere platform for which has become an integral part of how I showcase my creations.
Jonathan Winbush
Motion Graphics / Virtual Reality Artist
On VeeR, I know I've got the best 360 content available. When I publish, I get professional approach as my video gets great place to be watched.
David Svoboda
3D Artist and VR Content Creator