Another oase keeps Jagakarsa area in South Jakarta cool, Spathodea Park. The first time you step into the park you will see greenery view indulge your eyes. Overgrown by plant kind and high trees, make Spathodea looks beautiful. Spathodea Tree much grows here, and thats the reason why this place called Spathodea Park.

Kids, teenagers, to old people look enjoy their time here. Especially in the morning. At Spathodea Park, kids can use playground which is completed with some rides.

Not only kids playground, this park also completed with fitness area or outdoor gym. People can use gym equipments which are donations from private company. Or be sweaty by use park’s jogging track for trotting or running at a slow or leisurely pace.

There is also a small lake in the middle of the park complete with the bridge. The small lake  filled by a few kind of fishes such as goldfish, mujjair fish, snakehead, catfish, and carp. People can only giving food for those fishes, but can’t catch them. Other available facilities at Spathodea Park are toilet and parking area.

Spathodea Park also known as Taman Miring. The reason is, because the park has terraces shape and a bit sloping. There are some spot of the park where it is in lowland and a half of it is in highland.

Spathodea Park has opened since 2010 and managed under Suku Dinas Kehutanan Jakarta Selatan, occupying 2 ha of the area. The park opened every day from 05.00 to 18.00 WIB.

Source: https://bit.ly/2Mjku3W
Curator: Isny Dewi R.

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Tiny planet by the LG360 Cam.
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