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Seated immersive experiences
Projects with great entertainment value

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Why Work With Us
VeeR is the leading online immersive content distribution platform worldwide
We have a mature and profitable LBE model in China
We focus exclusively on 3DOF content and believe its potential in mass entertainment
We provide mentorship/networking/technical support for projects through all stages
Talents We Work With
The staff at VeeR are really professional and fun to work with and they go out of their way to assists us producers in marketing and publishing our work.
Telmo dos Reis
VeeR - At the forefront of Immersive storytelling. A pleasure to work with a company that fully supports our artistic vision.
Matt Nefdt & Hanne-Lizé Delport
Aether Films
...Everyone there is passionate about immersive art, dedicated to growing the medium and supporting artists, and working hard to bring our work to the widest possible audience.
Ethan Shaftel
Award-winning producer
Application Process
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Application Screening

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Final Review

We are looking for immersive content with engaging narrative and great entertainment value.

We fund each project up to $ 50K with discretion for exceptional projects. The amounts will depend on the scale and merit of each project. We prefer proposed projects fall in the following categories but all contents are welcomed:


Children & Family

Science and Nature

Sci-fi & Fantasy

Horror and Thriller


Performing Art


Passive viewing

Seated experience

Light-weight interaction

Note: 6DOF content must render into 3DOF version


10-20 min contents are more acceptable for the audience according to VeeR’s data analysis


File format: MP4

Coding: H265

Frame rate: 60fps

Definition: 8K*8K, 3D

Bitrate: 100~200 mbps

Audio: First Order Ambisonics (four channels) or Stereo