What We Are Looking For
VR Narrative Experiences (3DOF & 6DOF)
Projects with engaging narrative and great market potential / value

Projects in development stage

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Why Work With Us
Focus on VR narrative in both 3DOF and 6DOF VR format and believe its potential in mass entertainment
A leading immersive content online distribution platform worldwide
A mature and profitable LBE VR cinema chain across China
Provide mentor, network and market insight for projects through all stages
Projects We Incubated
Close Encounters
Directed by Telmo dos Reis
Documentary · 8K 3D 360VR
Close Encounters is a series that immerses in South Africa Bush. Each episode focuses on one featured Africa animal, introducing their unique characters, documenting their daily lives and most importantly, having real close encounters with them.
Close Encounters is one of the best sellers in VeeR's ZeroSpace VR cinema, profitable soon after its commercial distribution. Besides China, it was licensed worldwide, including Asia and central Europe.
Ajax All Powerful
Directed by Ethan Shaftel
Comedy, Animation · 6DOF & 360VR
Ajax is a foul-mouthed, double-crossing genie addicted to the human souls he collects in exchange for granting wishes to gullible humans; however, something is different about his latest master Izzie, the seemingly-naive little girl who has rubbed his lamp this time.
Ajax All Powerful was selected for a series of film festivals.
Nothing Is Safe
Directed by Armando Kirwin
Action, Sci-fi · 8K 3D 360VR
Seeing through the eyes of a high-tech flying robot who helps two young thieves break into a luxury mansion to steal a mysterious prize.
Nothing Is Safe is in development.
What Creators Say
The staff at VeeR are really professional and fun to work with and they go out of their way to assists us producers in marketing and publishing our work.
Telmo dos Reis
VR Capture
...Everyone there is passionate about immersive art, dedicated to growing the medium and supporting artists, and working hard to bring our work to the widest possible audience.
Ethan Shaftel
VR Director & Producer
VeeR team's knowledge of immersive storytelling is unmatched and they worked tirelessly to bring out the best possible creative and technical outcome for our project.
Armando Kirwin
VR Director & Producer
We are looking for immersive content with engaging narrative and great entertainment value.
We fund each project up to $50K with discretion for exceptional projects. The amounts will depend on the scale and merit of each project.
Preferred Genres
Children & Family
Science & Nature
Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Horror & Thriller
Performing Art
3DoF Project Specs Requirements

Definition: 8K*8K, 3D

Audio: first order Ambisonics (4 channels) or Stereo

Length: 10-20 minutes (popular with audience according to VeeR’s data analysis)

6DoF Project Specs Requirements

File format: EXE / APK

Length: 25+ minutes

Application Selecting Timeline
The application for the VeeR Immersive Film Fund program is open all year, with 2 SELECTION TERMS each year as detailed below
Decision Announcement
Winter Term
November 1st — April 30th
May — June
by June 30th
Summer Term
May 1st — Octorber 31st
November — December
by December 31st
Winter Term
Submission: November 1st — April 30th
Review: May — June
Decision Announcement: by June 30th
Summer Term
Submission: May 1st — Octorber 31st
Review: November — December
Decision Announcement: by December 31st
Note: After submitting your application, you’ll receive an email, confirming that your application is correctly submitted. The email will also confirm which term your application is in.