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Content localization
Provide professional translation and dubbing service. Ensure the most local friendly version of the content is presented.
Global Distribution and Promotion
Provide customized promotional plan and distribute across China, Japan, Europe and North America.
Data Analysis
Provide viewing data, audience persona, and survey feedback. Allow you to take your new work to a higher level.
Our Partners
We’ve partnered up with studios and artists around the world to bring immersive content to the mass audience
Battlescar’s Success with VeeR
The Great C’s Success with VeeR

VeeR Partnering Up with Atlas V

Atlas V is one of the most innovative studios in the VR/AR world. Their team consists of award winners from across the media industries. Battlescar was released in 2018 and was selected for the VR section of Venice and Cannes film festival.

Voice Acting by Singer Naomi Wang

VeeR provided localization service and headlined its promotional and distribution work in China. With singer Naomi Wang dubbing the Chinese version, Battlescar was able to attract audience from outside of the XR community.

Monetize Online through VeeR App

Battlescar was able to achieve monetization success across VR platforms by distributing through the VeeR App, which is the choice of millions of VR users worldwide.

Instant Hit in VR Cinemas

Battlescar is avaliable in over 30 cities and close to a hundred VR cinema locations in China. It successfully broke into the offline market and created a new ceiling for VR content commercialization.

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