Why Work With Us
One-Stop Global Distribution
Access to over 30M registered audiences via VeeR in 180+ countries including mainland China on all mainstream VR headsets.
Various Monetization Models
Monetize your titles online globally, and offline with VeeR’s LBE channels and telecom partners in China.
Analytics & Support
Monitor your performance metrics, eg. focus heatmap, demographics, completion rate and get access to VeeR’s localization and marketing support to reach a wider audience.
Our Partners
We’ve partnered up with studios and artists around the world to bring immersive content to the mass audience
Case Study
The Great C’s Success with VeeR

VeeR Partnering Up with Secret Location

The Great C is an award-winning immersive film produced by Secret Location, a multi Emmy and Cannes Lion award winner. Its premium quality and engaging narrative fits perfectly with VeeR’s mission to bring high-quality immersive entertainment to a mass audience.

The Great C Was an Instant Hit Amongst VeeR's Online Users

The Great C is made available to VeeR’s online audience globally through the VeeR VR app at $ 5.99 per view. It was localized with head-tracked subtitles for the Chinese market.

The Great C Exhibited at VeeR's VR cinema in China

On July 22, 2019, VeeR opened its first Immersive Cinema at the observatory deck of Shanghai Tower, one of the most recognized landmarks in China. The Great C, alongside 10 other premium titles, was an instant hit to the 10K+ daily visitors at $11 per ticket.

Application Process
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Result Reveal
We focus on immersive content with engaging narrative and great entertainment value. We prefer proposed projects fall in the following categories but all contents are welcomed:

Children & Family

Science and Nature

Sci-fi & Fantasy

Horror and Thriller


Performing Art


Passive viewing

Seated experience

Light-weight interaction

Note: 6DOF content must render into 3DOF version


10-20 min contents are more acceptable for the audience according to VeeR’s data analysis


File format: MP4

Coding: H265

Frame rate: 60fps

Definition: 8K*8K, 3D

Bitrate: 100~200 mbps

Audio: First Order Ambisonics (four channels) or Stereo