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Weekly Best on VeeR - First Week November

We've selected and compiled the best VR videos among works uploaded during the first week in November. Enjoy watching!
And below are names to the works and credited creators!     

【2016泉州公路自行车环湾赛集锦】  by FANC VR
【Addicted】 by Dongcheol Kwak
【ANIMA series 360º demo-pilot】 by Daniel Dou
【Dive Into le Moulin Rouge】 by Okio-Studio
【Ghost Ship】by Gone Coyote
【Hello!成都——首部成都VR城市形象片】by Hey VR

【Meet the EPIC CAT】by Benjamin Rudolf 
【J&B Rare Story episode 1】by Okio-Studio
【Nomads On Mars】by Gone Coyote
【Rollers in Barcelona】by Opabinia Films
【The Four_YeFan_English Version】by Portal Studio 传送门
【Time lapse of Brussels in 360° 】by Adrien Monnoyer
【吃货之歌《Just Eat It》麻辣开锅】by 鲸鱼岛乐队
【灵魂寄生第三集】by 北京开心互娱
【大宇播报网红特辑020期 热血好男儿】by VR播播	  

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