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Top 6 Media Using 360° Videos for Immersive News Stories

Immersive media is a collective term that incorporates 360-degree video, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and volumetric capture (includes both CGI and 3-D scanning). 
By being able to situate their audience directly in the middle of the story using media mentioned above, journalists are seeing new possibilities for storytelling and news reporting. The 360 medium is nevertheless double-edged: while being able to rake in views, increase audience engagement, it also comes with a more steep learning curve for journalists in terms of equipment and production skills. We're presenting you with 6 videos to bring more light on the benefits and challenges of 360-degree content that mainstream media face.
For more case analyses please go to: https://veer.tv/blog/top-8-media-using-360-videos-for-immersive-news-stories/
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