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New Media Age - 360 Vlogs

It's  been an honor witnessing more people trying out 360 Vlogs! 
It's becoming a new thing on the Internet, why? because as people often put it - it feels more real
1. You don't miss a single angle, it's 360! 
2. Action and commentary perfectly in sync! 
3. Freedom to look around/assume POV
VeeR has selected few of the independent Vloggers here. Each has his/her own unique content and style, presenting possibilities for this new form of storytelling. Don't feel discouraged if you didn't see your name on this list because more of them are coming! VeeR believes in experience sharing. If you dare to share, we dare to feature! Hope to see more interesting Vlogs!

Chris Saint
Kevin Kunze
Zen CaptureAll
Szidor N. Gabor
Kyra Kanojia
Lisa Stel
Josep Munoz 
Brandon Maijala
Jordan Simons 

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