World Cup 2018 – celebrate in 360

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World Cup 2018 – celebrate in 360

Finally, FIFA World Cup 2018 is coming! This is not just a feast for players and fans but a sport event united 46% of the world’s population to watch (according to the figure recorded in 2010)!

How would your World Cup experience be different from the last one 4 years ago? How to add more fun and celebrate this world’s most exciting event in your own way?

Share your experience with #worldcup2018 between June 13th and July 15th on to win gift.

Why 360˚?

1. Fully capture the great fun you had with the game, your family and your friend. 

2. It is not only fun to watch the game but also the crazy fans! 

3. Show your support to the team and the country in a special way! 

4. Good chance to get business opportunity by shooting 360 content in a sports club!

How to participate: 

Publish your 360˚ photos/videos at with #WorldCup2018 (You could either upload from desktop or Android/iOS mobile app)

If you don’t have a 360 camera, how to join? 

Check this blog about how to shoot 360˚ panorama with 360 photo apps on Android and iOS

What’s more:

World cup edition sticker is now available in VeeR Editor. Content made by VeeR Editor would be given special consideration. 

Prize category

Factors to be considered: 

1) originality 2)quality 3) creativity 4)likes/views/share/comments

Hardcore Fan (1 person)

$70 souvenir bundle with VeeR limited edition T-shirt for 2018 World Cup. Zabivaka says hi!  

Goal prize ( 2 people)

You might need VeeR Oasis VR Headset for the Word Cup 2022 😉 Headset worth $36 on Amazon.

VeeR Swag pack (3 people) 

With limited edition of T-shirt, cap, mascot, and badge in the pack (total value at $50)

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