Win DJI Mavic Air with Your Best Aerial Shot!

31 Jan , 2018 Events VeeR VR

Win DJI Mavic Air with Your Best Aerial Shot!

We know you’ve always wondered what the world looked like from up in the air. That’s why you bought yourself a drone, calibrated its vision positioning sensor, carefully avoided Jello and prop shadows, and flew it within VLOS. Now it’s time to show how you turn your curiosity into breathtaking photos and videos in February Flight Fest (February 1-28)! Upload your aerial 360 photos and videos on with #UpInTheAir to win!

 We’ve prepared these prizes for the best 360 aerial works:

- Captain Award -

DJI Mavic Air

(valued at 799 USD )

- Pilot Award -

DJI Goggles

(valued at 449 USD )

- Steward Award -

DJI Osmo Mobile

(valued at 299 USD )

Everyday, we’ll feature one #UpInTheAir photo as the banner of VeeR’s homepage.

Winners will be chosen based on their content quality and total likes on VeeR. Additional surprise gifts for those who share this article!


VeeR VR reserves the right of final decision and interpretation.

VeeR VR is a global 360 content platform established in late 2016.
Within a year of its establishment, it’s become a phenomenon sweeping through the 360 community, and has been featured on Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR and HTC Vive. While we believe that VR is the future of storytelling, we also believe that you are the future of VR.

14 Responses

  1. Federico "Kiko" Debetto says:

    Challenge accepted !!

  2. Wilfried Göder says:

    I think this are absolute not fair conditions you make here, in all of respect. In Europe is maximum high 100 m and so you can not compare videos. On the other side its winter now and drone flying is realy a bad idea because it can be dangerous and unresponsible. Near no photo is natural, Better make a photoshop contest and choose some winner. I understand that DJI like to push the new drone. But the time for this is realy the most worse. Such things force more that laws international get more restrictive. Sorry but its not fun.

    • VeeR VR VeeR VR says:

      Hi Wilfried,
      Thanks for letting us know your concerns. Don’t worry we do not judge videos or photos solely based on the altitude your drone can reach or the local drone law allows you to fly at. Also, we totally understand that winter might not be a good season to fly drones but you can absolutely use your old photos to join the contest. You don’t have to upload the latest works. In addition, we are aware that no photo is 100% natural and Photoshop skills are part of our criteria for the final winners. Hope it helps! Thanks for your understanding!

      • Wilfried Göder says:

        I do not agree in major things but it needs urgend to update the platform and the app. I am only interested to drone videos and mainly for consumer content. Its very hard for consumers to make good 360 with drones. And i try the existing initiative of a user to like each other videos to share experiance. But the App works not good with facebook login. you produce 2 seperate accounts with this. why no google login. Facebook is popular in asia but not in Europe because privacy. I did ask some friends from facebook to join the contest with facebook. They did all faile. was not possible with normal computer knowledge With one i did try more than 30 minutes no success. at least it works. Create an account with email first. Than it works with facebook but 2 accounts now. 3. point. After browser login i can see 3 users like my comment. I klick there and cann not see where is my comment to socialize with this user. Please do intensive testing of the plattform! At least the Manizales Video was all the last week on the start page and on top listed and romoted. Yesterday i thing it was that that it changed. It appears as new video and from begining it appears again top listed. I am on Linux and such can happen if just an admin or an injection change in the database just the numbers of views. To push someone special or to push a special content. In January Realvision did win and video is in genaral good with some mistakes as professional made video. I know my comments are hard maybee. But i am an Linux admin and such things are very obvious. Please review. Any platform have mistakes and this should be fixed urgent. Its very easy to follow and check such things with a terminal browser that shows data and content and no pictures. I use lynx for this as browser. I use also tools like Nagios to keep a server from outside my network under supervision to get suddenly informed if something runs not well. Ok i have no skills in Videos and pictures but i can enjoy. Its no problem to keep this info in the background not to been seen for everyone. But forward it to the admin.

        • VeeR VR VeeR VR says:

          Hi Wilfried,

          Thank you for your heartfelt feedback, we appreciate it very much.
          Can you help us clarify the following questions so we can pinpoint the issues:

          1) When you log in with Facebook on the mobile app, how did it fail? Was is not responsive or an error message appeared?
          2) Is your mobile app the latest update? if not, would you mind updating it first and see if it works now?
          3) Your friends, did they try to log in through app or web?
          4) If you have experienced web log-in failures, can you tell us which browser and version you are using?
          5) I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “where is my comment” would you mind explaining it in more details?

          Thanks again for your feedback. You can also contact me directly at

          • Wilfried Göder says:

            We check with Samantha. Its good style to comunicate this not open. Maybee we are in error but needs to prove we think. Thanks for open communication.

  3. Odd Smedsrud says:

    I also accept the challenge

  4. Rainer says:

    … new on board, happy to contribute 😉

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