Will You Date This Girl in Virtual Reality?

6 Jan , 2018 Others Dawei Chen

Will You Date This Girl in Virtual Reality?
Famous Japanese adult video actress, Amami Tsubasa, just hanging out in a 360°/VR video.


What do you fantasize?


The advance of 360° filming has brought interesting changes to the online adult industry. Instead of a strong focus on sexual intercourse pornography, studios are set out to explore unique experiences that fulfill other needs.


“People are asking for more romance, closeness, more talking. This is something you’ll find in a real relationship but not everyone in the world will have access to that kind of relationship,” says Dinorah Hernandez, who runs a studio making such videos. “To be able to have an experience with another woman could give them something that maybe the real world can’t.”


The picture below is taken from a VR production by Froog VR, a Taiwanese studio. In this one, viewers assume the perspective of a guy enjoying a massage from his girlfriend while she chats to herself. Verest is another studio that produces similar content.

These videos are commonly referred as “VR soft porn,” which doesn’t contain sex scenes but focus on providing companionship through VR.

If these are not Sci-Fi enough, below is a Japanese man marrying an anime character in VR. The ceremony lets people bond with their favorite anime character like never before.

Others use VR to enhance the role-playing experience. There are fantasies that would not occur in a normal life, i.e. erotic experience with elves, or police girl in a prison…  VR Bangers is known to make these fantasies come true.

Many believe that the immersion VR creates can bring POV porn to the next level. Pornhub launched VR category in 2016, and now the category is averaging 500,000 views per day, with most videos falling into the POV category. Another worth mentioning startup is CamasutraVR, which is currently digitizing 10 porn stars for an interactive, ultra-realistic sexual experience. According to its web front-page slogan, they are creating “the perfect reality.”

Beauty is one of the most popular categories on VeeR. Many studios use VeeR to promote their 360°/VR content, because:

  1. All of VeeR products and services are free.
  2. Enjoy ads-free stream, with over 10 million active users.
  3. VeeR can be accessed on desktop, mobile device, and most VR headsets including Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC VIVE.

Want to watch more 360-degree vr girl videos, find the #girls page.

Disclaimer: VeeR is NOT a porn website, any sexually explicit content will be banned.


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