VRMETOKYO: Fearless Rooftopper Breaks Barriers with 360/VR

5 Feb , 2018 Behind The Scene Dawei Chen

VRMETOKYO: Fearless Rooftopper Breaks Barriers with 360/VR

Peter, aka VRMETOKYO is a Tokyo-based XR/360° evangelist. As a creative individual, Peter has been actively producing content covering a broad spectrum of XR/360° topics. He noticed that many devs getting the latest tech yet not utilizing it well, and felt there was a lot of room for exploration within the realm. 

“I always feel it’s important to value your resources and push them to see how far you can take them creatively. Few understand what you can do with a 360 camera and I’m constantly trying to find a way to explain to others it’s potential. For the moment the public just sees it as an unnecessary gimmick, but they’re coming around.”


Peter has been tampering with 360 productions ever since Ricoh Theta V’s release. He managed to test the limits of the Theta V early on and provide feedback for improvements. 


Before working with 360 content professionally, Peter had very diverse artistic experiences. “That’s the cool thing about it, they kind of have to ability to incorporate whatever you’re into. It’s a beautiful sandbox for me and I’ve so many cool ideas I want to bring to fruition,” he commented. I pretty much grew up in the niches of the entertainment and design fields, and for the most part have stayed independent in work by working hard to create value for others whilst chasing my passions. It feels strange for me to define myself as I’ve never really become settled with one thing, this in retrospect has helped me to evolve my skills in a lot of areas and people are often surprised with what I can produce.”



I love experiencing and developing practical knowledge with new tech. Being confined in creation or to a singular form is something I can struggle with, as I never want to be limited by something. 360 cameras open up these confines and have really expanded the perspective I approach projects with.” Peter is currently focused as a Creative Director for various VR studios. He creates various content as well as consult developments to hit required markets.

As a prize-winner of VeeR Madventure campaign with his rooftopping video, Peter sees himself always on a “Madventure” to improve and grow. “I don’t get up high to be a daredevil, it’s to gain perspective, reflect on things and to encourage myself to get out of my comfort zone to evolve.”


Madventures in Tokyo, by VRMETOKYO


Peter has a very spontaneous approach when it comes to content creation. He likes to splice together footage into an expression of how he feels at the time. He says many would consider his method crazy, yet understanding that gaining the confidence to get away from the ordinary is one of the most valuable things to achieve. “Past my tall stature and outward confidence I’m in a constant battle to be the person I want to be,” Peter told us, openly and totally.

When it comes to artistic style, “my personal stuff is more based on a feeling or a challenge and what I can pull off with the spare time given. I’m challenging what I can get away with for a user to experience. Is it too jarring to experience, the edit too much? Did you get lost in the music, did something make it more or less enjoyable. Did you get the feeling I was trying to tell?I don’t know many others that share the same interests as me, so when I get the chance to share something and people like it, it means a lot.


Peter used Theta V for these fun projects. For software, he likes to go with what’s easiest to control, so mainly Premiere Pro and Insta Studio. 


When asked about what he thinks about the future of VR, Peter believes that it’s only a stepping stone of the industry. He added, “This technology has a greater potential to break down the social, cultural and moral conflicts we often face. These issues have always surfaced through more conventional media such as music and movies, but now that immersive aspects are being highly considered I hope it will culminated into a technology that will enable us to relate to each other far more effectively. We should in turn end up building extraordinary applications that push the limits of our psyche. My greatest fear is that we just end up just utilizing it as the most effective advertising tool.



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