2017 VRCORE Awards Guide

8 Aug , 2017 Staff Picks VeeR VR

Question: How many steps are there in total to sign up for VRCORE?

The 2017 VRCORE Awards was officially launched on May 4th, creators who wish to participate should pay close attention to this guide.



2017 VRCORE Awards Schedule:


2017 VRCORE Awards will continue to collect submissions from May 4th to August 31st.
September will be the review period; the final result of submissions will be based on individual experiences of 12 judges.
A list of winners will be announced during our awards ceremony in October.


Entry Information:

VR submissions with complete copyright and no entry records are eligible to enter.
Entries are not limited to region, equipment, development tools, genres, games, film and television, professional applications, are all welcome to participate.
The collection and selection of entries will be divided into two groups, PC group and mobile group.

Registration Process:

  • Log on to the official website of VRCORE (www.vrcore.org), click Enter the 2017 VRCORE Awards , fill out the registration form and submit.
  • Submission RequirementsAfter registering, our support team will send an email with further instructions, please submit the relevant enclosures in accordance with the email instructions. Upon receiving the relevant enclosures, our support team will send a confirmation email.
  • Updating information prior to the end date of submissions (August 31, 2017), further information submitted will be updated.


Note: The VRCORE Awards only allows single submission, those of the same team may submit multiple entries.



Scan the QR code to sign up

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