VR video analytics: Using heat map to see what people like

14 Apr , 2017 News VeeR VR

VR video analytics: Using heat map to see what people like

As one of the most requested features for performance analysis, heatmap analytics is finally integrated into the VeeR platform, to help our creators analyze behavioral patterns of their viewers.

An example of heatmap on VeeR

There is a long-standing question for VR production: how do we capture attention and guide our audience, when viewers’ field of view is free of limits?

The answer to this question, simply put, is heatmap. It collects data on the inside of your videos, and maps the records according to a rainbow color scale. Red spots are the most-stared-at, longest-attention-holding. Nearing the cooler end of the spectrum, attraction decreases.

Heatmap allows VR creators to see where people looked inside their 360/VR videos. The greatest strength of VR compared to traditional photography, is that unlike 2D videos where the viewport is a flat surface, virtual reality provides interactive information. All fields currently employing VR would find immense use for this function, as entertainers might better adapt to.

Viewers attention move when watch 360 videos

Virtual reality has the potential to revolutionize the content industry, and as VR being increasingly used for marketing and branding purposes, to analyze current consumptive behaviors of media is essential for businesses newly hopped on the wagon. With heatmap, besides understanding specific demographics, creators are better supported with analytic data offering immediate insight about their content.

Viewers attention move when watch 360 videos

We hope this new feature would revolutionize the channels our creators interact with their audience through, and establish the foundation for future features of attention guides and hotspot settings, to consciously direct viewers to what you want them to focus on. This is but the first step we took towards proactively utilizing user statistics in VR application.

VeeR creators will have full access to detailed analytics for all of their content.

If you have more question about uploading and get detailed analytics, please contact us: support@veer.tv.

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