How Virtual Reality Applies to Tourism Marketing | Examples & Tutorials

14 Dec , 2017 Academy Dawei Chen

How Virtual Reality Applies to Tourism Marketing | Examples & Tutorials

There Are Millions of Travel Agencies Out There,

What Makes Yours Special?


BBC News has recently published an article regarding the application of Virtual Reality technology in tourism – in short, VR can evidently boost tourism businesses as a marketing tactic. After experiencing Wales attractions in VR, 85% of the people responded they would pay a real visit! In addition, (UK) Economy Secretary Ken Skates said growing numbers of businesses were “embracing” the technology to “market themselves”.

VR to tourism is like a free sampler to snacks. The customer sometimes doesn’t necessarily know what they are looking for when faced so many options, and having just a small bite of the real experience can help them feel more assured.

[1] VR effectively engage clients with possible destinations/attractions that they might not have considered.

[2] it makes your clients more assured in what they are getting.

[3] Your brand awareness is increased by adopting VR.


If you are in the travel industry, I hope this article will help you get started on VR tourism marketing. With just a little bit of time and investment, you can engage clients more effectively than ever by following the examples and tutorials below.


What You Will Need

[1] A 360° Camera [200$ – 350$]: make sure it’s resolution is at least 4K; they are very easy to use. 

[2] An Editing Software [Free]: you can use this free, easy-to-use editing software for all 360° materials, or you can go with something more professional like Final Cut or Premiere Pro.

[3] Make a VR 360° video, or photo of the attraction/tour. *You can also outsource the production to a third party.

[4] A Cellphone-Based VR Headset [7$ – 25$]: this is an optional purchase because your client can stream VR content on desktop nowadays, but using a VR headset is a way more immersive experience in showcasing your tour to clients.



Pluckley (Haunted Village), by XploreVR

In this production, tour guide Alex will take you on a tour to explore the most haunted village in Britain, Pluckley, a small village of around 1000 people just outside of Ashford in Kent. You will be visiting many popular sites and learn about their history. XploreVR is a UK-based advertising company that help company make VR 360° content.


Diving The Red Sea, by 360 Labs

Are you a scuba diver? If you are scouting for your next dive, perhaps check out this production by 360 Labs. Forget photos or videos. Put on a VR headset and have a quick red sea dive with 360 Labs.


Beijing Travel VR, by VisitBeijing

A production by Beijing Tourism Development to showcase some of the best attractions this city has to offer. If you don’t mind going extra fancy, you can too incorporate lots of drone shots in your production.


Arctic Experience, by Pukka Travels

Pukka Travels specializes in designing a customized dream Arctic trip for aspiring travelers. In this production, you will get to experience some of the highlights during an Arctic trip. When working with Pukka, you are free to cherry pick activities to fully customize your schedule.


Marrakech Travel Vlog, by Lisa Stel

Key Opinion Leader (KOL) influence is nothing new. Lisa is travel vlogger and the founder of lisagoesvegan. By reaching out the right social media influencers for your targeted group, preferably someone who is into exactly the kind of travels your company offers, you save a lot of production effort because everything will be taken care of by them!


What To Do Next?

After your VR content’s been made, upload it to your social media platforms and VeeR.

[1] All our services are free. You can enjoy an ads-free stream of your content.

[2] You can embed the 360 video or photo to your own website. see the tutorial.

[3] You can access your content on VeeR mobile app, or VR headsets, including Samsung Gear VR.

[4] We are dedicated to 360° VR content, if you run into any issues, you can get help from us or asking the community.

[5] Free, easy to use editing app with features of adding text, animated stickers and music!

[6] We are soon introducing virtual interactive hotspot function, which allows you to link your 360 content together! Think of it as a fancier version of Google Street View.

*Check out this quick review/tutorial of VeeR Editor by The 360 Guy.

For more VR 360° travel content, visit here.



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