VR Roller Coaster – Types, Potentials, and Free Tips!

30 Nov , 2017 Case Studies Dawei Chen

VR Roller Coaster – Types, Potentials, and Free Tips!

Data shows that “VR Roller Coaster” is a most searched phrase on VeeR.TV, and websites alike. It appears to be ever popular. No matter how many VR roller coaster we’ve seen, a new one popping up would always attract significant traffic in a short amount of time.

Looking for an adrenaline rush? Want to check out a theme park online before actually visiting there? or you are just searching for something dumb and fun to watch while sitting in your underpants, shoving junk food down your throat? Whatever it is, VR Roller Coaster has proven itself a queen of traffic on the Web.


[1] 360° Recordings

With a 360 camera and a ticket to a theme park, anyone can make them. These recordings make up a majority of content under the VR Rollercoaster category. It brings a real, untouched, and present experience to the audience, due to a liberty whether for looking around, or simply enjoy the unrestrained screaming joy from the guys sitting next to you.

Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida. Why is it called Cheetah Hunt you ask? This beast launches into the speed of 48km/hr (30mile/hr) and max at 97km/hr (60mile/hr)!

Looming 118 feet over historic Ghost Town, it is also the largest attraction in park history and one of the longest and tallest wooden roller coasters in the world. Brave riders enter a mysterious mine, only to be strapped into gold, silver and copper mining cars and sent along 4,533 feet of twisting timber.


[2] Computer-Generated (CG) VR Roller Coaster

Fancy a roller-coaster ride in space? or ocean? or even better, with Aliens waving at ya while riding into the unknown? CG VR roller coaster takes a bit of studio art proficiency to create, but God forbid how amazing it can get!

This “RollerCoaster” by 4K HDR Channel takes you on an action-packed underwater adventure! Don’t worry, you can still breathe!


“’It’s like PIXAR on Acid!’ – we heard when we first showed it publicly 😀  It’s our first 360 animation. We’ve build an entire theme park floating in the clouds and full of colourful creatures. The film premiered as the official selection at Fulldome UK Festival and was nominated in Experimental Film VR category at VR fest.” – MELT


[3] Multi-Dimensional Live Action VR Roller Coaster

Exemplified by the Galactic Attack VR Roller at Six Flags theme park, this is the real deal peeps. It’s got not only ultra HD studio graphics and stereo sound effects, but also carefully calibrated equipment to bring about the wholistic experience of roller coaster.



[1] Technology

The experience will only get crazier from here – better resolutions, higher frame rates, and a more affordable price. 360 cameras and VR headsets are improving fast. Software companies are catching the wind too. Adobe AE and Pro CC, for instance, have included VR features in their latest editions. So, rest assured that more immersive VR roller coaster experience will be made available to the greater public! Visit VeeR Blog to stay on top of VR tech news.


[2] Marketing

Theme park runners! studios! hardware companies! If you haven’t jumped on the train yet, do it now! This is an effective and organic way to showcase what you’ve got. Upload your roller coaster content, and you bet people would love them. Oh don’t forget, check out your competitors while you are at it!!



[1] A Killer Thumbnail

People do judge books by their covers. There is ample analysis for how thumbnails directly affects the amount of initial traffic a video gets. And it’s an easiest thing to deal with.

A CG Roller Coaster by VR360TV. The thumbnail here just nailed it! It’s a futuristic alien roller Coaster that departs from an alien space station and makes its way at high speed around amazing planets.


[2] Editing

You could definitely just slap the untouched footage onto the web. But some simple editing like adding music, animated stickers, and creating slow-mo effects here and there can very well make it more enjoyable to watch. Check out this quick tutorial on 360 video editing!


[3] Make It Into A Vlog

It would be more personable if you upgrade the experience into a Vlog. Whether is a day in the theme park, or behind-the-scenes in the studio, by adding these more relatable moments, you’d be sharing a slice of your life, making friends with your audience. Here is a beginner guide to 360 vlog-making.


[4] The Crazier The Better

Well, you are on the Internet. It’s never too crazy or weird here. We’ve seen popular VR roller coasters in space, human body, deep ocean, dream land, Alien world… Learn about VR digital art creation here.


[5] Work With Platforms

Interested in running a hashtag campaign or online events for your brand? We are more than happy to work with you! VeeR has held many successful online campaigns to help bring awareness and traffic to brands. Shoot us an email at business@veer.tv we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


More VR Roller Coasters/Theme Parks

Rumored to be used in real astronaut training, this space roller coaster feels quite realistic with the sound track especially. Enjoy!


Want something more experimental? This one by YJ Conception take you on a ride inside the human body. Fasten your seatbelt! or not…

Check out more exciting VR Roller Coasters here.

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