VR Real Estate Tours – You Can Do It Too! [Examples & Tutorial]

6 Dec , 2017 Others Dawei Chen

VR Real Estate Tours – You Can Do It Too! [Examples & Tutorial]

VR Real Estate Tours! Fancy, fancy. Are you picturing something like the video below? – top notch VR headset, high rendering quality, targeted towards multi-millionaires interested in buying Manhattan high-rises that are yet-to-be-built.

Due to its immersive-ness, VR house tour is an emerging trend in the industry. VeeR is here to tell you that anyone can make virtual house tours! And it’s really NOT that hard or complicated. What I’m about to share with you is going to bring a total upgrade to how you engage with clients.


Plan A: Create A Virtual Tour with 360° Camera

This is the easiest way. To simplify, get a 360° camera, and take a tour around the property with it. What it does is that it records everything around you. A decent quality commercial grade 360° camera cost around 200-350$. Click here for 360° camera reviews. There are also companies like SurroundMe(UK), which specializes in helping business owners creating virtual tours. 


Plan B: Showcase your 3D Design with VR/360° Renderings

After you’ve created a 3D model of the property, simply export it to 360° format following these simple steps





Touring with an agent


Showcasing the surroundings & Info


Rendered 360° Picture/Video 

Useful Tips

[1] Keep camera steady, wobbly tours look unprofessional.

[2] Make sure it’s set to the highest resolution, and shoot with ample lighting.

[3] Consider using a mic (could be the one of your phone), or add voiceover in post-production for best sound quality.

[4] Give audience enough time to look around in each scene.

[5] Use the editor app to add informative text and stickers, or to change clip default orientation.

[6] After your content’s uploaded. You can also access it through VeeR mobile app or with VR headsets.


VeeR Editor App Review

Making Slideshows with VeeR Editor

How to embed VR videos/photos to your website?

Where to upload your VR/360° real estate content?


Visit VeeR For Real Estate, to revolutionize the real estate industry with virtual reality!


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