VR in Music: How Virtual Reality is Shaking Up the Music Industry

7 Aug , 2017 Others VeeR VR

VR in Music: How Virtual Reality is Shaking Up the Music Industry

Virtual reality is changing the industries around the world, including the music industry. In 2016 Queen collaborated with Google Play and Enosis VR to create a 360-degree virtual reality (VR) take on the groundbreaking video for the band’s 1975 hit. Though limited by the VR live streaming technology, more and more singers and artists make the VR videos for their shows.

On VeeR, the global virtual reality video platform, some music VR videos have been launched. Melody Liu is an Asia-based 360 content creator, singer, and songwriter. She loves music and is particularly passionate about creating alternative experiences marrying the immersive nature of music and 360 cinematography. Her work “Praying from Afar” is a 360 music video infusing Chinese Folk and Electronica, grossing 2.4k views during the first week it was uploaded to VeeR.


The wicked kind is a 360 music experience, inspiring by the Tron of America rock bank Aloud.

It’s true that virtual reality is shaking the music industry. Unlike the traditional flat and framed screen to watch, the immersive technology makes it more sensation and engaged to watch in a 360-degree type. As well as giving music fans more exciting, immersive videos to watch, VR has great potential in the live music space as well. Live concert and festival specialist Live Nation announced last year that it would be teaming up with US bank Citi and NextVR to create a series of VR live events.

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