VR in Food Industry: Make Your Customers Food Connoisseurs Using 360° Virtual Tours

6 Dec , 2017 Case Studies,Others Mina Bradley

VR in Food Industry: Make Your Customers Food Connoisseurs Using 360° Virtual Tours

Virtual reality has enabled countless restauranteurs to market their services with a simple virtual tour, whether of the decor, events, or specific dishes and food-making process. Platforms like VeeR make perfect platforms for displaying such content and attracting more prospective customers.

Karma Restaurant and Nightclub is a Turkish restaurant in Manavgat, Antalya. Its variety of services has earned itself a certificate of excellence on TripAdvisor and an 8.4/10 stars accumulated rating on FourSquare.

Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants is a Canadian hospitality and entertainment company. Based in Toronto, it was founded in 1993 as a partnership between Peter Oliver and Michael Bonacini when they opened their first co-owned restaurant named Jump. The company has since expanded and it currently owns multiple venues and properties in and around Toronto.

Nicolas Le Restaurant was founded in 2007 by Chef Nicolas Joanny on Keong Saik Street in the Bukit Pasoh Conservation Area in Singapore. Years of experience of working in Michelin Star restaurants in France, Italy and Singapore has made his concern one of the most sought after in Singapore.

Based on changes in seasons and when his inspiration strikes, Chef Nicolas creates a new “Tasting Menu” every two weeks.

BeVRR is an well-known virtual reality production company based in Singapore with hit VR series “Dining Stars” under its belt, where the audience is introduced to the best restaurants around town.

La Sorellina features authentic Italian specialties as well as wine from renowned wine regions, specialty beers, liqueurs and popular dessert varieties. Its Chef Carlos Ignacio Bacquet Salas has years of experience working in leading restaurants in Netherlands such as Restaurant ‘t Lieve Vrouwtje and Bistro ‘t Kannetje.

Goyonam is a Korean restaurant franchise specialized in beef plates, especially its astonishing signature dish——a 1.8 ft beef sushi.

Their dolmen galbi (which basically means cold beef rib) and yukhoe bibimbap are also extremely popular. 

By Taeyoun Hwang

Behemoth of a beef sushi roll. #extra


The Conche Restaurant is an exclusive chocolate themed boutique restaurant in Leesburg, Virginia, USA, featuring an array of artisan handmade chocolate confections, desserts, cuisine and hand-crafted cocktails.

Conching is a chocolate processing method discovered in late 18th Century for refining the cocoa mess and distributing cocoa butter evenly. Conching refers to prolonged churning and stirring of chocolate, and the Longitudinal Agitator or Longitudinal Conche is still one of the best production modules in use today.

Do you have more innovative use cases of virtual reality in the restaurant industry? Let us know in the comments below! And if you also want to make a virtual tour, welcome to visit the VeeR Experience and apply for the free try of virtual tour creating!

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