Virtual Reality in Hospitality Industry: Home Away from Home in 360°

6 Dec , 2017 Case Studies,Others Mina Bradley

Virtual Reality in Hospitality Industry: Home Away from Home in 360°

As virtual reality is being progressively adopted in advertising, moguls in the hospitality industry are using 360-degree projects for social campaigns and key events, 360° tours and design prototyping. Various use cases have proven to be extremely effective in growing and solidifying customer bases and nurturing business potential.

St Giles is the epitome of creative use of 360 media. Instead of showcasing St Giles’ property and interior decor, they initiated the “Be Central with St Giles Hotels” campaign and provided their customers with 360 cameras in main locations St Giles operate in, to encourage them to capture the beauty of the cityscape and become savvy local guides. Check out their official account on VeeR for the whole series of #StGiles360 #goals!

AC Hotel Malaga Palace, Spain made a 360 video in celebration of its 50th anniversary since it was established. The video adopts nostalgic storytelling to visualize the progress of their operations and gratitude for the support from their patrons.

VideoAgency partnered with Amsterdam Marriott Hotel to take you upon a full user journey starting from checking in, and brings you to its premium hotel room, high-end restaurant, meeting space, luxurious living room and bar.

Black Box is a 3-star hotel based in Toronto, Canada. The video is a 3D visualization of the interior design for the hotel created by Vittore Lacava using Autodesk 3ds Max, Corona Renderer and the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.

Gran Hotel Montesol Ibiza, Curio Collection by Hilton is a hotel in Ibiza Town, Ibiza. Established in 1933, it is the first ever hotel established in Ibiza. What sets it apart is its signature white and yellow color scheme.

This video is an official tour of its inner facility and gorgeous surroundings.

Light Wave produced a 360-degree virtual tour for the Caravelle Hotel in Saigon, Vietnam. 

Since 1959, Caravelle Saigon has been Ho Chi Minh City’s landmark 5-star international hotel in central downtown. This video uses an abundance of visual cues to include as much information as possible on Caravelle’s quality services within a very short amount of time.

Raemoir House Hotel is one of the grand old dames of Scottish Country Houses. Originally built as a private Georgian house, it became a hotel in 1943 and was renowned for its stature in the area and its clientele.

Raemoir prides itself on delivering private functions and weddings, whether in the House or the adjacent Marquee which can hold up to 200 guests, or 360 if fully extended. There are 3500 acres of woodlands behind the hotel, which is perfect for walking, cycling, outdoor activities and corporate entertainment. The House is particularly suitable for exclusive parties which was its original purpose when it was built 200 years ago.

Fancy staying in a dainty igloo hotel room for a bit? Check out Igloo-Village Zermatt in Switzerland. You can bed down in a quaint igloo, peruse the art collection at the igloo gallery, grab a cold one with the boys at the igloo bar, and even attend igloo events to make more friends. Let’s go shred some pow!

Note: Igloo season typically starts around December and ends in April, so if you’re planning on a visit, make sure you don’t miss their season of operation.

Any other benefits and creative applications of VR for major hotel franchises? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. SK says:

    Sign me up at the igloo!

  2. Definitely think this will go big in hospitality. Especially hotels will find that offering consumers VR tours of rooms will bring a big boost to consumer confidence when booking. But companies beware, don’t let the VR experience be too good or else customers won’t have a reason to book anymore! 🙂

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