Top 6 Virtual Reality Immersive Artistic Experiences, Straight from Art Exhibitions to Your Bedroom

7 Dec , 2017 Others Mina Bradley

Top 6 Virtual Reality Immersive Artistic Experiences, Straight from Art Exhibitions to Your Bedroom

VR has the power of offering artistic experiences to various demographics with limited access to for different reasons, and today we’ve selected a handful of amazing VR projects initiated by galleries and creative agencies on how the art industry can utilize 360 media.

Gigoia Studios is a creative agency founded in 2011, dedicated to exploring new ways of connecting arts and people through fine art games, virtual reality experiences and ambient soundtracks. 

Carlos Monteiro is a multimedia designer, painter, music composer, and the founder of Gigoia Studios. He’s also the owner of the indie studio Star Palm Games which develops sci-fi-themed adventure games.

Leandro Silva is a self-taught artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He studied at the School of Visual Arts at Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro (VAS), and creates art designs for TV Globo, opera, samba schools, concerts and events throughout Brazil. His artistic style incorporates cubism, impressionism and realism.

Bridgeport Art Center is a multi-disciplinary creative home for artists, designers, and professionals working across various art forms, media and vocations. It is an inspirational place to work, create, and share ideas with peers. 

This historic and visually breathtaking Chicago building defines raw urban elegance and features three curated Art Galleries, artist studios, the Fashion Design Center, Chicago Ceramic Center, the Skyline Loft and the Sculpture Garden Gallery event venues, and a multitude of unique businesses, small and large.

Angela Flowers established her first gallery in 1970, one of the first to open in London’s East End, and the space became known as Flowers East. In 1997, the gallery expanded further with a Los Angeles space at Bergamot Station.

There are now two gallery spaces in London: a West End premises on Cork Street opened in 2000 and in 2002 the gallery moved from Hackney to Shoreditch, East London. The US business relocated in 2003 from LA to New York on Madison Avenue, and then in 2009 moved to West 20th street in Chelsea.

Flowers Gallery participates regularly in art fairs internationally. The programme in both the UK and US comprises all media by established and emerging artists. The gallery is an active publisher of prints and multiples with an established department in contemporary international photography.

The Swinton Gallery is a gallery based in Madrid, focused on street and urban contemporary art, illustration and photography.

If you know of any other creative VR experiences created by art galleries, let us know in the comments below!

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