VeeR’s First Immersive Cinema: A Success for Location-Based VR

10 Oct , 2019 News VeeR VR


As many of you will know, it has been a busy summer for the VeeR team, with the Sandbox Immersive Festival (SIF) wrapping up its second year and our exclusive online extension bringing SIF’s magic to VR fans around the world. July 22nd proved to be no different as VeeR’s first immersive cinema opened its doors to the public. 


Located on the observation deck of Shanghai Tower, one of China’s most recognized landmarks and the world’s tallest buildings, the one-of-a-kind cinema currently offers over 12 premium titles, including well-renowned VR productions such as Secret Location by The Great C, Lucid and Bro Bots by Breaking Fourth , Shennong: Taste of Illusion by Pinta Studio, and more.


Since its launch, the cinema has seen foot traffic continue to grow with hundreds of daily visitors now making their way up to the highest immersive cinema in the world. With tickets priced at roughly $11 per person, the films on offer have become instant hits with the Shanghai crowd. Furthermore, after the positive reception of our Shanghai opening, VeeR has overseen the openings of two additional immersive cinemas in Luoyang and Beijing, with plans to open doors on a further 10 by the end of the year.

Following the popularity of our first immersive cinema, we believe there is an opportunity for both budding and established film-makers around the world to bring VR to the mass audience. That’s why we recently launched two new creator-focused programs to nurture the next round of superstars in the VR world: the VeeR Immersive Film Fund and the VeeR Monetization & Distribution Program.


Targeted at projects in the development stage, the VeeR Immersive Film Fund provides funding, mentorship, and technical guidance to film-makers and producers who are currently in the process of developing their project. With a history of working with talents like Ethan Shaftel, a Sundance and Tribeca award-winning producer, VeeR aims to be there helping you every step of the way and, with potential funding of up to US$50,000, we hope to help shine a light on talented people and exceptional projects internationally.


For those of you with completed projects, don’t fret! The VeeR Monetization & Distribution Program aims to help you distribute and monetize your work on our established platform. With access to over 30M via VeeR’s presence in over 180 countries worldwide and a growing number of offline LBE channels, we believe we can help you bring the best of immersive content to our audience. From localization and marketing support to tracking performance analytics, the VeeR Monetization & Distribution Program will help showcase your completed project to a wider audience while compensating you through a variety of monetization models.


Whether you’re an aspiring VR filmmaker with a great concept or a talented VR studio with the finished product, click below to find out more and apply!


Immersive Film Fund


Monetize with VR

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