VeeR’s Commitment to Data Protection in Compliance with the GDPR

20 May , 2018 News VeeR VR

VeeR’s Commitment to Data Protection in Compliance with the GDPR

Data privacy and security are very important to us since VeeR is committed to being a privacy-first company. As part of our growth and in support of upcoming changes to EU data protection law, we have established a data protection program led by chief DPO Richard Chen and have revised our Privacy Policy and Terms of Services:


Transparency: In line with our current commitment to transparency, we want this process to be clear for our users. We will keep you updated including through in-product prompts, updated video content, and ensuring our public-facing materials are digestible and fit-for-purpose.


Control: VeeR takes users’ privacy seriously.  We’ll continue to provide people with controls over how their data is used and ensure your privacy continues to be protected. Users will have total control of the data and may delete any of their personal data anytime as they wish.


Accountability: We are accountable for our privacy practices, which includes updating our existing compliance program to ensure that we are adequately documenting our GDPR review and compliance. We are also meeting with regulators, legislators, experts and academics from around the world to seek feedback.


 As GDPR takes effect May 25th, our goal is to ensure that VeeR provides a clear and current explanation of the data we collect, including information about the way we use this data, and details about the rights users have regarding it. By using our services, or by visiting any of our websites on or after that date, you acknowledge and agree to our updated Terms of Services and Privacy Policy.


We hope these updates will help provide clarity around your use of VeeR products and services, wherever you’re based. If you have any questions or comments, please reach us at Thank you for being part of the VeeR community!


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