VeeR VR Featured on The Front page of Samsung Gear VR

8 Sep , 2017 Product News VeeR VR

VeeR VR Featured on The Front page of Samsung Gear VR

On September 8th, 2017, VeeR VR, a global VR content platform was featured on the front page of Samsung Gear VR. This is yet another recognition VeeR has received from an industry powerhouse following front page features from Google Daydream, Apple AppStore and HTV Vive.


Over the recent years, Samsung has invested progressively in virtual reality. Carrying out its proactive market strategy, Samsung has released customer-grade Gear VR headset and Gear 360 camera, as well as releasing self-produced VR content. These efforts have offered the public access to quality VR experiences at a reasonable price. The second generation of Samsung Gear 360 features 4K image quality for the best immersive effects. It’s compatible with various versions of the Samsung Galaxy collection of smartphones and iOS devices. Now you can also protect your camera lenses with a designated rubber ring that protects the lenses while laying it down sideways.


Since the dawn of its product development, VeeR VR has pinned down the pain point of global VR consumers’ urgent demand of quality content, and for that purpose, created a wide-reaching global VR platform. VeeR’s services have drawn the public closer to the booming technology of virtual reality. Besides its variety of content, VeeR also offers mobile upload and comprehensive analytics such as heat maps and audience retention rates, to enable creators in creating videos more palatable to the public taste and streamlining their production cycles. VeeR’s dedication in optimizing its products is for the final aim of lowering the threshold of getting involved with VR content creation.


Compared with its competitors, VeeR’s video player runs more smoothly, has higher video resolution (up to 8K), and showcases a greater collection of videos. Centered around the “global & premium” strategic aims, VeeR has spread across the international VR community within the short six months after its launch. Samsung Gear VR’s feature of VeeR symbolizes their recognition of our values, services, and popularity among VR users.


To improve our user experience, VeeR consistently updates its search algorithms to feature content relevant to our customers’ interest. Our creators have also been pleasantly surprised by the significant increase in views since joining VeeR. Besides, it’s extremely easy to share any video on VeeR to various social media, which has won us many influential 360 photographers, as well as the producers of Dunkirk VR, which authorized VeeR as its sole VR distributor in Mainland China.

With Gear VR’s feature, VeeR VR receives another boost its relentless forge toward normalizing VR as part of people’s daily lives.


VeeR VR is a global 360 content platform established in late 2016. Within a year of its establishment, it's become a phenomenon sweeping through the 360 community, and has been featured on Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR and HTC Vive. While we believe that VR is the future of storytelling, we also believe that you are the future of VR.

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