VeeR Spotlight: VeeR CEO Presented at 2018 Busan International Film Festival Forum

8 Oct , 2018 News VeeR VR

VeeR Spotlight: VeeR CEO Presented at 2018 Busan International Film Festival Forum

The 23rd Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), one of the most significant film festivals in Asia, is taking place in Busan, South Korea from Oct. 4th to Oct. 13th. From 2017, BIFF starts to integrate VR section into the program, and this year, it is hosting 3 VR sections to demonstrate this new media, including VR Theater with over 40 global VR films, VR Conference and International VR Forum.  


As part of the VR filming section, its VR International Forum engaged global VR pioneers and thought leaders to discuss and share opinion on the 4th industrial revolution and the evolution of cinema. Ayden Ye, CEO and co-founder of VeeR, was honored to be present at the Forum, sharing the global landscape of VR content creation and the future of immersive media.


veer at biff


VR Industry Is Rising steadily


VR industry promises quite some innovations in industrial transformation and improvements in the way people experience the world. In 2015 and 2016, VR was on the cusp of the new trend, but the industry turned into a very low point last year, a lot of companies went bankrupt or shut down, while some survived and became today’s industrial pioneers. Although the VR industry is still in the valley currently, it is rising steadily. As the technology develops, devices such as VR headsets and VR cameras are getting more affordable and providing better experience, data transmission become faster, the barrier to produce and enjoy VR content is lower than what it was before, which allow more people get access to enjoy VR content. After they get to know VR, the demand for more quality VR content would grow, which stimulus the expansion of VR market.


VR Content Is Becoming More Immersive


VR content creation and tradition films share some similarities, such as add the fascinating spatial sounds and visual effects to reinforce the immersive experience, but VR content offers the sense of “presence” – the feeling of actually being part of an artificially created place. Such an idea is contradictory to the conventional perception of cinema. The audiences are absent from the conventional films. They are all-perceiving, staring at the characters and comprehending the plots as spectators. Nevertheless, in VR videos/films, the audiences could be part of the story. Comparative to being a sole spectator, they could move things around in the virtual scene, get distracted by exploring around, or even decide how the story could go. In VR videos/films, the audiences become the characters and have the power to control the VR stories through interactive components.


Future of VR content


The future of VR content is to be more interactive and engaging. The earlier virtual reality was almost exclusively gaming trend, but VR game and videos have implicit boundary. The main theme is to engage the audience. Unlike the traditional film viewers who passively accept the information that the filmmakers want to convey, the audience who wears VR headsets can interact with the story to decide the direction of the story. In other words, the ending depending on how the audiences choose in the interactive components. Therefore, the audiences become the characters and have power to control the VR stories.


VeeR’s Role in VR Industry


VR content can design more interactive components and more dynamic storylines to provide immersive experiences, and this is a trend for the future cinematic experience. However, only foreseeing the future VR content trend couldn’t help the creators. The VR content creators need a easy-to-handle way to design the story and operate the complicated interactive components. To equip the creators with the tool to create the immersive and interactive experience, VeeR Experience enables VR content creators to easily edit their VR footage with interactive components to create an engaging VR experience. Another big problem VR content creators often face is lack of distribution channel. VR content distribution was complicated compared to the traditional, creators have to deal with tremendous technical issues of every single platform to have the content available on different platforms. To empower and support the VR content creators, VeeR has been developed as a platform dedicated for VR content creators to distribute their works to all channels with one single click, including website, mobile, as well as all major VR platforms such as Oculus, HTC Vive, Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, etc.


What you don’t want to miss on BIFF


‘VR Theater’ will display about 40 films, from narrative fictions, documentaries, animations, to interactive titles, for all the audience. Theaters exclusive for VR Cinema, located in BIFF Hill ground floor, will show VR titles of various genres like 360 videos, interactive, and experiential VR, etc. All the contents exhibited at the VR Theater is open to the public (Free of charge). For more information, please check the screening schedule.

VeeR VR is a leading VR content platform with the mission of empowering everyone to create and share virtual reality content. Within a year of its establishment, it’s become a phenomenon sweeping through the 360 community, and has been featured on Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR and HTC Vive. While we believe that VR is the future of storytelling, we want to encourage all VR lovers to create beyond boundaries.

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