VeeR Presents at Sandbox Immersive Festival

25 Jun , 2018 News VeeR VR

VeeR Presents at Sandbox Immersive Festival

Sandbox Immersive Festival, one of the leading film festival of the year, is taking place in Qingdao, China on June 23rd and will last until June 27th. During the four-day festival, visitors will have the chance to watch over fifty leading VR films around the globe as well as experiencing some of the groundbreaking VR products and participating in highly-engaged discussion session. As a leading global VR platform, VeeR VR was excited to present its VR sharing platform VeeR and VeeR Experience, which will be available very soon .


VeeR CEO Ayden Ye also share insights on VeeR’s VR content creator ecosystem, how to use VeeR’s latest Experience Editor to create immersive VR stories, and how creators will get monetized with the platform. 


Now, let’s take a sneak peek at the amazing films presented at Sandbox Immersive Festival this year.

Shennong:Taste of Illusion

Director: Mi Li,Wang Zheng

Country: China

Film length: 8 minutes

Synopsis: Following the Dream Collector, Pinta Studio will be releasing its latest VR animation Taste of Illusion very soon. In ancient times, Shennong explores the forest deep in the valley to collect unknown plants with unique tastes and effects. A glamorous flower seduces Shennong and he is poisoned by tasting the petal. Shennong falls in illusion as the flower turns into a mythical beast, which torches Shennong to his last breath. In the despairing darkness, Shennong is revived by a secret friend. With the awakening super power, he conquers the beast, breaks the illusion and acquires another valuable plant


Cairo’s Tale: The Big Egg

Director:Shi Yuan

Country: China

Film length: 8 minutes

Synopsis: Cairo is the youngest member of the big mage Family BoBo. He was born with great talent and good at the magic of creation. But Cairo can’t concentrate on doing one thing for long. He likes playing tricks and living leisurely. Taking a nap on the meadow is his favorite part of the day, and that’s why he barely sees his growth in magic power.


Crow: The Legend

Director:Eric Darnell

Country: China

Film length: 12 minutes

Synopsis: Following INVASION! and ASTEROIDS! comes Baobab Studio’s latest visionary VR animation. Inspired by the Native American folktale of the origin of the crow. Legend will voice the titular character, a brilliantly plumed bird who is nominated by his fellow animals to bring warmth back to the world in an endless winter. He is rewarded for his journey and carries the gift of fire back to his fellow creatures in his beak. However, in doing so he sacrifices what is most dear to him.



Director:Patrick Osborne

Country: China

Film length: 6 minutes

Synopsis: A girl and her dad crisscross the country in a hatchback chasing their dreams. It’s a story about the gifts we hand down and their power to carry love. and finding grace in the unlikeliest of places.


Wolves in the Wall(Chapter 1)

Director:Pete Billington

Country: China

Film length: 9 minutes

Synopsis: Eight-year-old Lucy suspects that wolves live in the walls of her family’s home. She has no one to believe her… but you. Forging a groundbreaking blend of film, theatre, audience agency, and sleight of hand, this exquisitely crafted animated experience casts you as an active performer in a narrative where you interact, have a relationship with, and go on a quest with the central character in ways that leave you mark on the experience.


Besides the ones featured above, attendees of SIF will also have the opportunity talk to VR film directors and producers, and check out a wide variety of VR trailers and films. Want to see more amazing VR films? Check premium 360/VR content from over 180 countries on VeeR

VeeR VR is a leading VR content platform with the mission of empowering everyone to create and share virtual reality content. Within a year of its establishment, it’s become a phenomenon sweeping through the 360 community, and has been featured on Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR and HTC Vive. While we believe that VR is the future of storytelling, we want to encourage all VR lovers to create beyond boundaries.

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