VeeR Must-Sees of December VR videos

18 Dec , 2017 Contest VeeR VR

VeeR Must-Sees of December VR videos

Let our December journey start!

Enjoy the breath-taking view of Tibet;

Take an aerial tour of Southern China;

Stroll your way through downtown Toronto;

Venture into a zombie land with werewolves;

Explore Nevada from a whole new angle;

Experience a dreamy fashion show in the forest;

Raft in Mekong River and get immersed in nature.


How does VeeR VR pick out “Must-Sees of December” videos?

“Must-Sees of December” are all selected from ORIGINAL videos uploaded from November 1st to December 1st. We have sorted all these videos based on their total likes within 30 days since uploading, and recommend the Top 30 to VeeRians.

How to support the videos I love, and help them get into next month’s “Must-Sees”?

Invite your friends to watch and like it!

1. Immersive and Vivid Roller Coaster Experience in Tampa – Florida by Mad Bear Productions

2.Free Whale by SandmanStudios

3.My VR X-sports Girlfriend by 睿格Reig VR

4.Free Fall: Parachutists set 3 records over Kolomna, Russia by RT

5. Nevada Tourism – by Groove Jones

6.Bean’s Living Dead Room – Halloween 360 by Tony Kern


8.The Girl in My Cupboard by Adrift Pictures

9.Knott’s Scary Farm – Trick or Treat: Lights Out 360° Nightmare by  Knott’s Berry Farm

10.Zombillenium VR by VRrOOm


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