VeeR launched VR support for HTC’s first standalone headset — Vive Focus

14 Nov , 2017 News Nuoya Li

VeeR launched VR support for HTC’s first standalone headset — Vive Focus

On November 14, HTC unveiled its first standalone VR headset Vive Focus at Vive Developer Conference in Beijing. This inside-out tracked VR headset operates without a PC or smartphone, revolutionizing users’ viewing experience. Along with the launch of Vive Focus, HTC also announced a range of top-tier applications and platforms to be the first to release within its product, among which VeeR was honored to be a selection. As HTC’s key partner, VeeR is excited to share plethora of great virtual reality content on its platform with Vive Focus users.


Improved from the three degrees of freedom of its previous products, Vive Focus supports six degrees of freedom (6DoF), which allows natural movement such as ducking, leaning and rotating. Users will be able to experience instant immersion with real-time tracking without any cable attached. The headset is also lightweight making it easy to use and carry around. Now with Vive Focus, users will be able to type in the keyboard to search for any specific content in VeeR home page.



After a year of establishing its profile in the virtual reality industry, VeeR has already become one of the biggest 360/VR content hubs by both content and creator volume, and a trusted platform for VR professionals, production studios and prestigious brands on a global scale. Virtual reality lovers will be able to enjoy a large number of unique contents created by millions of VeeR users over 200 countries.

Now that VeeR is one of the very first applications to launch within Vive Focus, user of this standalone headset will be able to surf through all the high-quality content on VeeR and have a fully immersive viewing experience anytime anywhere. The high-definition video quality (up to 4K resolution), quick loading and active community engagement of VeeR will ensure Vive Focus users a great virtual reality viewing experience.

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  1. Harvie says:

    I’ve read an article claiming that the content platform HTC builds for Focus will be hardware independent. Hope it means that other products like Oculus Santa Cruz will be compatible.

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