VeeR launched Discover People Feature

5 Feb , 2018 News Nuoya Li

VeeR launched Discover People Feature

With the mission of creating the best 360 VR community, VeeR aims to connect all the VR lovers around the globe and bring the world closer with virtual reality. We need a place where we can stay connected with the people we already know and care about, and also meet new people with new perspectives. For this exact reason, VeeR has launched the Discovery People feature to help users get connected with their friends as well as exploring and meeting other 360 VR creators from all over the world.


Get connected with your friends

Check which of your friends have already landed on VeeR and get connected instantly! You might be surprised to see how many 360 creators you already know. You will also get notified by seeing a red dot on the discovery page once more of your Facebook friends join VeeR. Here is a quick guide to get connected:

1.On Discovery page, click on the  icon next to the search bar.


2. Click on the Facebook tap to see which of your Facebook friends are already on VeeR and get connected!


Explore more creators

Click on the Suggested tap on Discovery page and see a recommended list of people to follow based on your interest and trending content. Make sure to check back as the list will be constantly updated.


The recommended list will include top content creators from different categories. 360°, Giga Works, Project360

Beauty: 漫讯MXVR, Froog VR, VR Bangers, verest, 埃舍尔VR·

Horror and thriller: Warner Bros. Picture. Planet360, Yummyvr, ApexTV, Adrift Pictures·

Anime: Rahn MMD VR, Alicia Norman, Roto Studios, Lewd Fraggy, lute

Exploration: euronews, gerantgerant, The Body VR, Poseidon Expeditions. David Wortley


Aiming to create the best 360 VR ecosystem, VeeR has become one of the biggest 360/VR content hubs by both content and creator volume, and a trusted platform for VR professionals, production studios and prestigious brands on a global scale. Now with the Discovery People Feature, VeeR further empowers creators to support each other and communicate in regards to their latest 360 projects.


VeeR VR is a leading VR video content network dedicated to connecting VR content creators from all around the world. VeeR VR app has been featured on App Store’s front page in many countries and regions, and handpicked by editors on Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, and HTC Vive, and Oculus.




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