VeeR Launched 360 Photo Mobile Upload Feature

25 Nov , 2017 News Nuoya Li

VeeR Launched 360 Photo Mobile Upload Feature

VeeR has just released a brand-new feature of 360 photo mobile upload, to empower users to upload their panoramic photos on the go. VeeR VR is the first VR application around the globe to enable both 360 video and 360 photo uploads and sharing from desktop as well as mobile ends, which allow users to build a complete 360 VR portfolio where they can store, organize, and display all types of their VR works in one place anywhere, anytime.



Now you can:
  • Upload, edit and share 360 photos on your mobile
  • Customize it into any format including monoscopic, 3D side-by-side and 3D top-bottom
  • Discover and view high quality 360 photos from creators all around the world
  • Give and receive feedback, and connect with other talented 360 photographers
  • Share to all major social network including Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, etc.


The new feature works with all formats (including monoscopic, 3D side-by-side and 3D top-bottom) and all current FOVs generated by on-the-market VR cameras. You can upload 360 photos and 180*180 photos, and customize FOVs to match the setting of any individual photo. Preview is available at all times during pre-upload editing.


VeeR VR 360 Photo












Once your photos have been uploaded, you can embed the 360 photos into your website or blog, share them on social media so that more people will see your amazing work! Besides, you can turn them into a unique video memory with VeeR Slideshow.



As a pioneer in simplifying shooting and sharing processes for both VR video and 360 photo, VeeR believes that this latest mobile upload function will be a great facilitator for users to create more 360 VR content on the go. Download VeeR VR for iOS/Android and start your VR portfolio by uploading the first 360 photo to VeeR!


Need some tips on shooting 360 photos?


VeeR VR is a leading VR video content network dedicated to connecting VR content creators from all around the world. VeeR VR app has been featured on App Store’s front page in many countries and regions, and handpicked by editors on Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, and HTC Vive, and Oculus.


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