VeeR VR Now Supports 360 Photo

24 Oct , 2017 News Nuoya Li

VeeR VR Now Supports 360 Photo

We are launching VeeR 360 Photos today. A product that will empower creators to upload, edit and share their 360 photos on VeeR.

For the past year, we have learned that many of our 360 video creators are also panoramic photographers. As we strive to build the best community for all VR content creators, we soon realized that we couldn’t achieve this mission without supporting panoramic photos. Now, with the launch of 360 photos, creators will be able to build a complete 360 VR portfolio on VeeR where they can store, organize, and display all types of their VR works in one single place. You can now:

  • Upload, edit and share 360 photos on
  • Discover and view high quality 360 photos from creators all around the world
  • Give and receive feedback, and connect with other talented 360 photographers
  • Share to all major social network including Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, etc.

We also support mobile uploading of 360 photos on Android and iOS platform in the upcoming weeks and more editing features coming later in the year to make 360 photo creation more convenient and enjoyable.


Here is a simple guide to upload your first 360 photo on VeeR:

1. Click on the upload button on the top bar


2. Choose the file you want to upload and start uploading. If your photo is not in standard 360° format, select the corresponding format in the drop box (we’re supporting monoscopic, 3D top-bottom, 3D side-by-side)


3. If you are new to VeeR, simply click on the sign up button on the pop-up window to create an account via email or facebook


4. Drag around your photo to find the best angle for your initial orientation, and you can generate your thumbnail from this direction


5. Once you complete the upload, share you 360° photo on social media or embed it into your personal blog. For a detailed guide on sharing and embedding, check out blog: How to share and embed 360 photo with VeeR

Now go ahead and upload your amazing 360° photos to VeeR and share it with 360° VR lovers around the world. Happy VeeRing!


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2 Responses

  1. shadmia360 says:

    Love this new feature! But I couldn’t find a way to add 360 photos to a playlist. Is this possible?

    • Mark Metry says:

      Hi Shadmia thanks for following our updates! The issue you mentioned has been reported to our product team, they will work on rolling out this feature very soon.

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