Undaunted by Government Warning, Drone Pilots Capture China in 360 Images

15 Jan , 2018 Behind The Scene Dawei Chen

Undaunted by Government Warning, Drone Pilots Capture China in 360 Images

Fed up with drones causing flight incidents, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) introduced a tighter drone regulation on May 16th, 2017. But it hasn’t stopped aerial lovers venturing into unique places for the best shots. Many stunning aerial 360° images have been captured by enthusiasts.

In mere two months of VeeR launching 360° photo hosting service, hundreds of Chinese 360° photographers have shared their works. It seems that drone lovers don’t care much about what the big government has to say. Breathtaking shots are taken from bustling cities to otherworldly scenic areas, with many of the sites clearly being no-fly zones. The following 360° photos are selected among thousands, presenting some of the most unique aerial experiences (enter full screen to click and drag the 360° pictures for best views).

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Golden Summit (Huazang Temple)

Located far on the main peak of Mount EMei, the Golden Summit (Chinese: 金顶)  is a temple 10,095 ft above sea level, originally built in the 14th century Ming Dynasty. 


Chakayan Lake

Known as “mirror of the sky”, Chakayan Lake is large salt lake located in Qinghai Province, a region filled with untouched natural wonders.


Hong Kong Night Skyline

Hong Kong is among the most densely populated cities in the world, the city also presents a breathtaking skyline.  


Daocheng Yading 

Located near Shangri La, Sichuan Province, Daocheng Yading (Chinese: 稻城亚丁) has some of the most pristine snow mountains in the world. The pictures show it all.

The hidden ‘Blue Gem’ in Daocheng Yading  


Rice Terraces

Vast areas of mountains in Yunnan have been cultivated into terraced rice paddies for at least the past 1300 years by the Hani people. 



Badaguan is a historical mansion area located near the coastline in the city of Qingdao, Shandong province. It’s has become a popular wedding photography destination because it’s scenic streets and castles.



Owing to a large number of fragrant sweet osmanthus trees, Guilin (translated Forest of Sweet Osmanthus), is one the most popular travel destination in China. There is an almost mythical beauty to the Guilin mountains, which have been featured by many Chinese TV shows. 

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