Top360, VR Creative Agency with an Audience-Centered Content Strategy

5 Dec , 2017 Behind The Scene Mina Bradley

Top360, VR Creative Agency with an Audience-Centered Content Strategy

Erik Scheel, Creative Director of 360 Video and Immersive Content from Top360, has been creating 360 content for the past 2 years. Starting in the media industry after high school, he has a rich experience in filming, editing and animation before he helped establish Top360 a year ago.

As a rule, Erik shoots 360 “with the headset in mind.” “I am always wondering, what would this look like to a person wearing a headset?” Starting from there, he tends to focus on action and how it can help guide the viewer and drive the story. If the movement is lacking, he tries to make up for it with visually stimulating surroundings. 

Generally, he wants Top360’s experiences to be “active VR” rather than “couch VR”: the content that gets you off the edge of your seat and standing up to look all around you. He wants his audience to be able to spot something new every time.

For Top360’s most recent project they created a custom 360 app for Dell, which was a mix of 360 video and informational hot spots.

Looking forward, Erik thinks VR is only going to get better as hardware becomes cheaper and easier to use. Once more content can be viewed, trends and standards will start getting set. 

“In the future, I’d like to see how VR/AR/MR all blend together to create amazing experiences for people to enjoy,” Erik says. “After talking with people about XR (experiential reality) technology, I am excited to see how this could become a part of Top360’s future.” 

Interested to know more about Top360, check out their Facebook page and YouTube channel!

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