Female Influencers in the VR Industry that You Can’t Miss

8 Mar , 2018 Contest Nuoya Li

Female Influencers in the VR Industry that You Can’t Miss

March 8 is International Women’s Day and today we celebrate all the female creators, leaders, and visionaries on VeeR. As VeeR has always been dedicated to supporting female voices, we feel greatly honored to see a wide range of excellent works produced by female creators on our platform. Each of these projects, whether a panoramic picture or a 360 video, has provided the audience a refreshing perspective in this otherwise relatively male-dominated medium.

To all these pioneer female creators exploring the virtual reality world with us, we genuinely appreciate your passion, creativity, and talent. Here we have prepared a special collection of productions by this under-represented group. Check out the complete playlist here.

"What I want to convey is that love is everywhere in the world"
Alicia Norman

On VeeR, you can recognize Alicia Norman‘s works by looking at the thumbnails. Over the years, she has developed her own style. Her vigorous dancing videos have gained her a huge group of fans. “What I want to convey is that love is everywhere in the world. People are celebrating this concept, but in my opinion, you don’t have to show love with diamonds or flowers. There are different ways to express it. For example, in one of my videos, a cool, beautiful, sexy girl with hearts behind her is dancing. That’s what I love and I want to give it to people. I would like to share my love with them.”

"Always follow your gut!"

“I am a normal Swedish girl with a huge passion for making music”, said Josefine. “I want to make a difference with my music for young girls.” When Josefine and her producer/co-writer were brainstorming about music ideas, they came up with the concept for “Lotto”. It is a true girl power song that expresses a lot of self-confidence and freedom with sexuality. Josefine wants to encourage girls to be in control through her music. “Always follow your gut!” is the life motto of Josefine. She thinks it is very important to love who you are and not to take life seriously all the time.

"Try the don’ts, try the hard ones."
Aliesha Staples

Staples VR’s The Escape won many thumbs-up on VeeR. It mixes comic book elements with a Kungfu short movie. This innovative way of storytelling is just one of the new methods that Staples VR tried in VR film making. Aliesha Staples, the producer of Staples VR, shared their VR creation journey with us, “We are known for having solved a lot of the problems that are spoken about as no-goes or impossible. So while you are learning, think simple but once you have done it, build on what you know that works and try different ways, try the “don’ts” , try the hard ones.

"My two biggest inspiration sources: life and people "
Stephanie Marlo

Stephanie Marlo, Founder of Artist Life Vision, has been producing 360 and VR content since early 2016 when she first started working with 360 Virtual Tours. The departure from 2D video and photography was an easy choice, as the traditional media had become mundane for her. When asked about her source for inspiration, Stephanie said the two most commonplace sources that most take for granted: life and people. Each video or series her team produces spawns from what is happening around them every day within their communities and personal interactions.

"I want to share my park with you."
Kyra Kanojia


Last but not least, we want to introduce you to Kyra Kanojia, who is one of the youngest Indian YouTubers and probably the youngest 360 vlogger. From a very young age, Kyra’s family began making home videos of her for her birthdays. As she grew older she became increasingly camera savvy, which exhibited itself during a family trip to Thailand where she did an impromptu travel vlog. It became very popular with her friends and family. She loved the praise she got and that set her off getting new ideas to review places and toys, a lot of times from watching product unboxing videos over her dad’s shoulder. Kyra loves exploring new things and being able to share her happiness at her discoveries through videos.

We would love to see more amazing works by female creators. Whether you are a 360-video director, a CG artist, or a stay-home mom, take a panoramic camera and tell us your story in 360 degree to win a special prize reserved just for you. From March 8th to March 25th, upload any 360 photos or videos using the hashtag #ThroughHerLens on veer.tv to enter the contest. Check out the event details here.

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