Top 8 Free Augmented Reality Apps for Your iPhone That Are Actually Useful

22 Jan , 2018 Others Mina Bradley

Top 8 Free Augmented Reality Apps for Your iPhone That Are Actually Useful

Augmented reality has made our life so much easier in respect to acquiring information, gaining new knowledge, and sometimes completely changing the way of how we live. If you haven’t tried these apps we listed below, you’re missing out. Don’t believe me just read:

Quartz, Text-based Daily news

Quartz is my go-to for news. Having global news condensed into digestable text messages is innovative yet familiar for me. When you want to read more about something, tap on the emojis to lead it on; when you’ve lost interest, tap on “anything else?”.

Quartz is also one of the earliest news outlets to adopt AR representations, and now it has an AR object menu that houses all of its past objects. All of Quartz’s AR models have appeared in previous news stories, perfectly combing emerging technology with journalism to make media more informative.


If you choose any of the AR objects, you can place and resize it in your surroundings. For example, I chose the Tesla Model 3 and pinched it down to 2% of the original size so it could sit on my desk.

Chalk, adult properly

Chalk is a pretty genius idea stemmed from the frustration of instructing someone on the phone and they’re just not getting it. With Chalk, you can help the less handy or tech-savvy family members and friends to figure out their real-life problems. 

Now instead of scratching your head trying to describe a button to press or which chord plus into which port, you can just draw a circle around it and your damsel/lad in distress will know what to do right away. Thanks technology.

TapMeasure, say farewell to tape measures

TapMeasure integrates soft rulers and tape measures into your phone, and can yield more accurate results than if you try to manually measure. After the app has detected a flat surface, you tap on the screen to place a pin down on one edge and drag the second pin along the side you want to measure, and your phone will tell you the length of that side in real time.

JigSpace, there's so much we don't know

JigSpace is an education app carried through augmented reality objects. By looking through different sections, you can learn about history and science, figure out how things work and even explore the outer space.

After you’ve chosen an AR object, find a flat, well-lit surface to place it.

With JigSpace’s AR objects, you not only get to observe them from the outside, you can also take them apart and look into each detail, which is explained through a slideshow format.

Drops, conquer the Babel tower step by step

Drops is a language learning app that helps you learn vocabulary by category and repetition. Once you’ve picked up new words, they appear in your personal collection. You can turn on AR view to interact with these words in real life.


I turned AR mode on and colorful bubbles containing the images associated with the words I just learned started appearing in air. If you tap on a bubble to burst it, its correspondent vocabulary word appears. What’s your take on this new learning method?

Standland, you could use a minute away from your laptop

Standland is a cute idea built for busy professionals with a 9-5 desk job. Every once in a while you need to stand up and walk around to loosen up a bit, but you just can’t seem to nurture that into a habit.

With Standland, you have a chubby, horned pet that you need to keep awake by standing up and moving for a minute every hour. Consistent stands keep this little creature awake and chalk up to new goals and missions. With this new responsibility, are you feeling more accountable now?

Night Sky, gaze into the stars and her heart

Night Sky is perfect for novice star gazers who are a little directionally challenged——like me. Toggle AR mode on and you will see a faded out version of the star atlas that you can apply to the actual sky you’re looking at. Let me know if you luck out with girls using this app.

Math Ninja AR, do math like a real Asian

This app helps you practice quick simple calculations in an augmented reality environment.

To my family’s disgrace, I chose to start with Normal.

Looking around for a flat surface to place this quaint courtyard with random peach flower petals raining down.

Now you see a huddle of small critters, each holding a number for you to select as the right answer to the equation above. The question boards form a polygon and are turning all the time, so you will have to find the right answers within a short time. Making your mama proud yet?

There were a couple of other apps that would have been great if they were just a little bit more polished, like Fitness AR, which requires an additional Strava account and loads slowly; Measured and PLNAR which are another two AR measuring tools but instantly pale compared to TapMeasure.

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