Top 8 First-Person POV VR/360 Experiences

1 Mar , 2018 Others Mina Bradley

Top 8 First-Person POV VR/360 Experiences

One of the biggest advantages virtual reality boasts is how it transports you to vicarious experiences while preserving as much immersion and realness as possible, through POV (point of view, in this context specifically refers to first-person perspective) experiences. These experience could be viable in real life such as skydiving and windsuit racing, or only achievable through CGI, like parkouring in an animated realm or boarding a psychedelic trip. We’ve selected the following first-person point of view VR videos for you to enjoy, and live a wildly different life from yours. 


DeStefano Dream is a POV compilation of psychedelic art created by VeeR’s top content producers, including QG3D, J-Walt, TAS, Schizo and Vinyl Williams

Teleport Me

Let us know in the comments if you’ve enjoyed these experiences! If you can think of more videos like this with a unique twist of its own, drop us a link in the comments as well!

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